At Jisco, we care deeply about
nature and are committed to making
the right choices for the protection
of our environment.

We’ve decided to live more
sustainably. We keep a critical
eye on sourcing our raw materials,
production process, even our packaging,
and looked for ways to be
kind to the Earth.

Help us reduce our
business impact on the environment.
The journey to sustainability is a long one,
but one we are devoted to, and we are greatful
for your support and participation.

Jördis & Francisco

How we are working to do our part?
Choosing Eco-Friendly raw materials

35% of our collection is made

This new bioacetate is 100% natural, since it comes
100% cellulose, the most widespread organic
compound in nature, which makes it bio-based*
and 100% BIODEGRADABLE. * Bio-based means the natural and renewable origin of the material.

25% of our collection is made with PURE TITANIUM
which is a 100% RECYCLABLE raw material.


A capsule collection of frames with which JISCO
wants to express its commitment to
sustainability and responsibility
for the environment, designed
from combinations of
100% recyclable Pure Titanium
and 100% bio-degradable Bio-Acetate pieces.

Using thoughtful packaging*

We spend a lot of time to find
the best packaging options for both our
clients and the environment.

We use compostable plastic to wrap and protect each frame,
because although it may not be the solution that offers
the best look, yet it is the easiest recyclable and biodegradable.

For the outer packaging, we also use recycled
and recyclable materials when posible,
like the cardboard shipping boxes,
or the merchandising color cubes.

*Packaging with principles: Recyclable / recycled eyewear cardboard.
Recyclable eyewear plastic bags.

Size: 18cm x 18cm x 6cm

Before starting...

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