We enjoy life
through a quality

created from responsibility
with the environmentand designed
to provide comfort

Design and Comfort

From the design to the smallest and precious details, in each one of our JISCO glasses you can see the true reflection of our obsession with LIGHTNESS, understood as the best guarantee of COMFORT and adaptability of all of them.

And this obsession, together with the passion we feel for what we do, is the essence that accompanies us throughout the entire process of
creation of each model.

Quality of production

We have direct control over the production process, rigorously monitoring all phases and ensuring that our quality requirements are met in each single piece.

Imperfectly beautiful and unique, so are each of our glasses, as a result of the manual process of polishing and finishing, last link before being placed in the market.

Raw Materials - Sustainability

At Jisco we believe it’s our responsibility to design, source and manufacture
products in a conscious way that is good for our community and good for the planet.

Our goal is that our processes,
materials, and products are increasingly sustainable…


We are inspired by landscapes and luminosity of the Mediterranean and working with the most experienced acetate companies. We are creating combinations of unique colors, from exclusive designs made by and for JISCO, who enhance the identity and personality of who wears our JISCO glasses.

Ultra-Thin Titanium

The ultra-light titanium of Japanese origin is the latest addition to our collection. Thanks to its high purity and high density, we achieve designs with greater strength and durability and lower thickness.


Step by step we are adding new styles to our collection produced with raw materials from renewable sources, like the bio acetate.

This new bio acetate is 100% natural,
because it comes 100% from cellulose, the most widely spread organic
compound in nature, which makes it bio-based and 100% biodegradable.

Bio-based means the natural
and renewable origin of material.
Plastic materials from natural origins are not always biodegradable. 
Our bio-acetate meet both requirements.


A capsule collection with which JISCO wants to express its commitment to sustainability and responsibility for the environment, composed of 100% recyclable and 100% bio-degradable pieces, designed from combinations of Pure Titanium and Bio-Acetate.


The introduction of this sophisticated
material in our collection began with the design of models that combined acetate and titanium, a bridge between the worlds of acetate and metal.

Pure Titanium

Composed of 100% titanium models, Pure Titanium is the crown jewel of this range, reaching the maximum expression of lightness and comfort.

Faithful to our Mediterranean
essence, all Pure Titanium models are the reflection of our passion for color and for reflecting the color
of our surroundings.

Through IP Plating, a complex
and sophisticated process of
application of color on titanium,
we achieve high stability in
maintaining brightness and color over time, as well as a totally
hypoallergenic barrier that
ensures that the material can
be in constant skin contact.

Before starting...

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