X Cerrar

Mediterranean lightness

The English word of "Lightness" embraces the concepts of luminous colours and of lack of weight.

At Jisco we combine both ideas with our Mediterranean passion and character to create a unique concept that distinguishes each and every one of our designs.

All our glasses are the result of our obsession for LIGHTNESS, which represents to us the quality of maximum comfort and versatility.

This fixed idea, together with the passion for what we do, is the essence that lays under the creative process of every model:



We take care of the design of every detail of our models, so that you can always find the perfect glasses for you. We only use elements of the highest quality for the manufacture of our glasses.


Our strive for perfection leads us to a constant search for newer, lighter materials, and to the ongoing expansion of our range of colours, textures and finishing styles.

2013 Metal and acetate

We designed our own collection, made up exclusively of metal and acetate frames.

2014 Acetate Sandwich

We work with acetate sandwich, little used in this sector, thus opening the market for this type of material. The gradient on the temple is made by hand and adds a unique touch to every model

2015 Titanium Acetate

We reinvented the product with new materials, creating the combination of acetate-titanium, a bridge between the worlds of acetate and metal.


We design our own acetate. The whole "spaghetti" collection is a clear example of the maximum exclusivity of the acetate used.

2016: Full titanium

We launched a new line of full titanium in bright colours. One step further to achieve the highest quality and customer recognition.

2017: Acetato ultra-slim

New Ultra-Slim acetate. High-density acetate to achieve greater strength with less thickness.


We let ourselves be inspired by the landscapes and the light of the Mediterranean to create unique colour combinations from acetates designed exclusively by and for JISCO, that enhance the identity and personality of the one who wears our glasses



We have direct control over the production process, rigorously monitoring all phases and ensuring that our quality requirements are met in each piece


Imperfectly beautiful and unique, so are each of our glasses, as a result of the manual process of polishing and finishing, the last phase before being put on the market.